Take Sandgate Road from Route 313 in West Arlington, Vermont. Follow this road through the settlement of Sandgate, past the town offices and about three miles past the end of the pavement. Just past a red mobile home take the road that veers to the left. It’s very rough and quite washed out. Entering the cemetery from Moffit Hollow Road, although it is not marked by the town. My Jeep Liberty had no trouble getting up the road, but a 4WD vehicle is a must as there are many washouts along the way. Follow the dirt road up the hill about a half mile. On your right you will see a metal pipe padlocked to two posts and on the date of this visit a small US flag. The cemetery is beyond this pipe a few hundred yards and not visible from the road. The cemetery is maintained by the town at least once a year keeping the berry bushes in check. However, a growth of ferns covers a large section of this cemetery. GPS Coordinates: 43.1925 -73.13583

As you enter the cemetery the first visible markers are on your right slightly elevated.

From Cemetery at Beartown, Vermont

First readable stone is that of:

Mr. Matthew Covey


May 18, 1822

Age 44 years

Stop traveler as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now soon you must be
Prepare yourself to follow me.

To the right and just beyond this marker is that of:


Wife of George Richardson


Feb 1 1847 age 27

He is not dead but sleepeth

In the middle section of the cemetery the first readable stone is that of:

William Parkhurst


March 19 1832

a 18 yrs 3 mos 19 days

Next and the stone is:

Elvira Parkhurst

Died September 9, 1844

Age 31 years


Son of James and Derotha Reed

died Dec 11, 1812 age 6 years 7 months 5 day

Next stone just has the initials:


Next is Emeline dau of Frasier and Calista Reed

Died Sept 2, 1825

Age 11 weeks

Sleep on Sweet babe and take thy rest god cald the home when he thought best.

Next stone is:

Joseph T.

Son of

Joseph Reed

died Oct 12, 1857

Age 10 months d’ 10 days

Not dead but sleepeth

In memory of Chefter son of Edward M and J Rhoda….

The bottom half is not readable and seems to have eroded with time. The stone is broken and appears to has been cemented back together a some time many years ago.

In this cemetery there appear to be other burials in the section to the left, but only two stones are readable.

Hazeltines — marked by U.S. Flag indicating a rev war vet, located in the back left corner of this cemetery.

Simeon Hazeltine

died May 6th 1821 in his 87th year of his age

Affliction long have I
For physicians proved in vain
My Lord has pleased to call me
And take away my pain.


Wife of Cap Simeon Hazeltine

died May 18 1828 aged 84 years

Rest worthy and from all thy toils

thy god has called thy home

to remain the deeds which have last done.

Wide view of the Hazeltine plot.

Visited: September 3, 2009